About Me

Husband to Lindsay, father to Mercy and Noella, advocate for Best Family, and member of New Creation Fellowship.
My story of creative innovation, specifically for the local church and nonprofit world, began in 2012 when God absolutely wrecked my life in the best of ways. I always tell others, don’t pray “God, break my heart for what breaks yours” if you aren’t truly ready to change, because he loves to answer that prayer with a resounding “You got it!”

Two years after getting married, my wife and I felt the call to go on an international mission trip and found ourselves on a seemingly random journey to Rwanda and Ethiopia in the summer of 2012.

Without being dramatic, I can simply say, God absolutely wrecked us.

Returning from this trip and processing all He did, it’s no stretch to say He changed our family plan, goals, what we thought about giving, our awareness of the orphan crisis, how the Church should be involved in international missions, just to name a few.

Coming out of this trip, we partnered with some amazing men, once orphaned in the Rwandan Genocide, to establish a grassroots child sponsorship program in 2013, which I still run to this day.

And truth be told, this is how I truly got into where I am today. This ministry needed a website, a clear focus and strategy, and this clearly and cleanly visualized online and on social. I had no flippin’ idea how to build a website though, so I did a web search for it and started to learn.

Working in marketing since 2011 for both corporate and agencies, I have been exposed to all realms of marketing wisdom, which now elevates my ability to pursue my passion in helping churches and nonprofits share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I thank God for that trip in 2012. It exposed my heart to His and changed what my family’s life would look like. In 2014, my wife quit her job as a choir teacher to begin work in international missions, in 2015 we filed for adoption, in 2017 we brought our two beautiful daughters home from Burundi, and in 2022 we packed up our lives and all we knew to move to Orlando and be part of a church plant.

So I ask you, how can I use the experiences God has given to me to help you?

Let’s work together.

If you’re looking for someone that can walk through your marketing needs, let’s connect and see what amazing things we can do together.

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