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Taking Up the Cause Website

Client: Lindsay Allen |

A Clear Mission

Lindsay is embarking on a new journey as a full-time Projects Manager for World Orphans. One of the biggest challenges of her new career is the need to raise 100% of her salary. Since she is going to have to accomplish such a massive goal, the need to clearly define what she does and why she does it was key. That’s why we created her a personal website that does just that. With header images that clearly define purpose and give direction such as “My Testimony”, “My Work”, and “Get Involved”, the visitor can quickly navigate around the site and find just what they’re looking for.

MailChimp Newsletter Integration

Newsletters are one of the most effective ways to communicate with supporters. For Taking Up the Cause, I set up an account and integrated a newsletter signup form on the website to drive response. On the back end, Lindsay can create what MailChimp calls “campaigns” where she can send out newsletters to all her list or a specifically targeted list.

Call To Action Segments

At the very core of Lindsay’s ministry is community involvement. Whether it be they join her prayer list, whether it be they communicate with her via her Facebook page, or whether it be they become a ministry partner and join her by giving each and every month, participation is key. That’s why throughout the site there is a consistent call to action that drives visitors to the page that describes how they can be involved.

Blog Import

Lindsay has been blogging at for some time now about her mission trips and adventures. When we were creating the site, she wanted to make sure that the blog posts from her past were implemented into the site. We were able to import all the blogs from her former account while keeping all the pictures, comments, tags, and categories in place.

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