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BFR Advocacy Pieces

Client: Best Family Rwanda

Clarity Through Presentation

One of the most important things about advocating for a mission or organization is to be completely clear in your communication. Clarity in communication was one of the challenges I faced as I was brainstorming how to accomplish this with Best Family Rwanda’s mission along with it’s sponsorship program, Kunda. I wanted to make sure people could quickly understand what each was without having to read too much. I feel with propaganda like this it is best to be short and sweet in your message. I had to fight the urge to tell every detail, proclaim all the ins and outs of everything Best Family Rwanda is involved with, and ultimately overload folks.

Breaking It Down

So with these pieces I broke them each down into their core components. On the Best Family Rwanda organization information sheet, Best Family Rwanda’s mission statement is at the top-left of the page, the first place people will begin reading naturally. Directly adjacent to this is the motivation for Best Family’s mission. So immediately you have what they do and why the do it. Clean, minimal, and informative. I then followed up their mission with four pillars of their mission, clearly showing them with a brief description. I did not have to tell the full story, just enough to get people interested. Once they are interested, the are followed by how to get in contact with Best Family Rwanda through their different mediums.

Pique the Readers Interest

With the Kunda propaganda, I wanted to share all the different intents and benefits behind the program without overloading the reader. Remember, it’s not about getting all the information on there. It’s about piquing the readers interest so they look into it more through the website. A lot more can be contained on the website and can be achieved over many different pages with different intents. So with the Kunda sheet, I simply gave the mission to display the purpose, the vision to allow people to understand what Kunda is trying to achieve, the goal to connect people with the intents of Kunda and allow them to start envisioning themselves in this mission, and then finally a brief description of what the program accomplishes.

Using Images to Encourage Reading

The last piece that was created was a Rwanda informational piece that allowed the reader to understand more about the country in a clear and organized display of information. Country facts began in simple paragraph form at the top with an appealing semi-transparent image to draw your attention there, and then finished out with a bulleted list of facts that allowed for a smooth and continual read all the way down the page. This piece was a stand alone bit of information because there is no website involved with more information, so I needed to be a little more detailed in my approach. At the end of it all, the reader is left with a much better understanding of the makeup of this wonderful country.

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