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Client: Best Family Rwanda |

Clear and Concise

When I began this project, one of my biggest obstacles was to take all the goals and objectives that Best Family Rwanda has and clearly define and display them on a website. We needed to define how we would present this info to the public. On the front page, I went with a very clear and easily understandable layout that allows the user to navigate to their most likely needed option. It is here that the user is introduced to a common theme on the site, which is colorful and clean. Large colored boxes are placed throughout the site for an easily recognizable navigational tool.

Lightbox Popup Modules

Best Family needed a simple and fast way for potential sponsors to share important and needed information before signing up to be a sponsor. I did not want to take the user away from this helpful page, so I created a lightbox form that opens on top the page. All they need to do is fill it out and exit. This form is completely customizable from the boxes you want to be filled out, the fields that are required, and even down to the success messages that display after the information is submitted. Not only that, but it can easily be exited which returns the user to where they left off. Seamless and simple.

Easy Newsletter Signup

One of the best ways to ensure your organization grows is to start building an email list. I setup a robust email list integration using MailChimp. It’s an amazing service that allowed me to create lists for folks interested in a newsletter and also specific lists like sponsors. Email lists are beneficial because emails are direct (darn those mistimed news feed posts), meaningful (if someone signs up, they want to hear from you and will be interested in what you have to say later), private, and targeted. That’s why I decided to place the newsletter signup option at the top of the webpage. On top of this, I tied this option into a MailChimp account for easy management.

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