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127 Campaign

Client: Visiting Orphans |

Emphasizing the Purpose

The 127 Campaign has a lot of aspects to it that need to be said clearly and concisely. It’s one of those things that can be so simple, but without the proper display of information at the right times it would just become jumbled and disorienting. That’s why we wanted to keep things simple with the design. For the Campaign, it was all about the numbers 1, 2, and 7. That’s why we started things off with a bang at the top of the screen with graphics emphasizing their representations.

Multiple Pledge Options

One of the most important things about the campaign was the need for Visiting Orphans to have a way that people could select a pledge amount to give to or choose their own amounts. Integrated into the site was a pledge box, and each Pledge Now action button took the user to a custom form built just for that pledge amount.

Pledge Donation Page

Donations are setup to go securely through Clover Donations. The forms were extremely customizable and it gives the user a smooth and clean interface to set up their recurring donations. Through Clover, pledgers are able to create an account on the backend simply and easily so they can review past donations, change payment information, and control their personal contact information, all within a few clicks.

Delayed Video Release

One of the aspects of this campaign was a 7-week video release. Laying it out on the website this way produced anticipation and excitement for the upcoming videos highlighting the 7 impact areas.

Graphic Design

127 Campaign Logo

The campaign logo was crucial in being a representation of the entire campaign while also tying itself to Visiting Orphans as an organization. I believe it achieves both of these aspects well. It’s clean, bold, prints well, and goes along the same pattern of the circular pledge badge icons.

adVOcate Logo

One of the 7 impact areas is the creation and implementation of the adVOcate Program. Because this is going to be a standalone program, Visiting Orphans wanted to create a logo for it that we could use long-term. This is what we came up with and we’re thinking it’s pretty rad.

Pledge Icons

We wanted to create icons that can be associated with the five different giving levels of the 127 Campaign. The benefit of creating these icons is having a representation of that pledge throughout all mediums whether it be social media, print materials, etc. Plus, let’s be honest, they look pretty cool.


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Mail Kit

Visiting Orphans wanted to reach folks via mail so I designed a very effective mail kit for them that included a letter from the Executive Director, a card as a prayer reminder, a flyer that shows the impact areas of the campaign along with the impacts teams have had on ministries they visit, and a commit card that supporters could fill out to become a pledger.


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Campaign Videos

Visiting Orphans wanted a creative and visually stimulating way to present each impact area of their campaign. That’s how we came up with the 7-part video series. Each video has a core but in the middle of the video the impact area and drawings change.
Blake has been great to work with. He has created top notch design pieces and videos for our organization, as well as a website for our 127 Campaign. We have been extremely blessed to be able to work with him and will definitely continue to use him for upcoming design needs.
Autumn Kerr

Executive Director, Visiting Orphans

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